Our Features

Whether you're managing Enterprise Contracts, Self-Serve Subscriptions, or Channel Partners - Received's robust platform enables you to customize and automate every step of the way.

Pricing Configuration

  • Any pricing model - complete pricing flexibility for growth and experimentation.

  • B2B Pricing - pricing configuration built for B2B companies. Usage pricing, recurring licenses and services built for B2B complexity.

  • ‘Spreadsheet-in-a-System’ - power or a spreadsheet, within a system, giving you the brain you need, in a format you love.

Contract Management

  • Bespoke B2B Logic - create complex B2B contracts with various products and services in minutes.

  • One Contract Hub - manage all contract metrics from one place. Cashflow, Revenue, Renewal and more.

  • CRM Automation - sync with your CRM to automate customer and contract creation.

Invoice Automation

  • Contract-based-Billing - turn complicated contracts into accurate invoices created automatically, delivered right on time.

  • Invoice Configuration - define your own bespoke invoice formats and select which data and line items will be shown for each customer.

  • Accounting Compatibility -All the Invoice and revenue data synced with your accounting system.

Usage Tracking

  • Automate Usage Billing - fully automate your usage tracking using API, or upload usage data manually or in bulk using a CSV file.

  • Usage for B2B - manage usage scenarios, such as sub-activity, formula manipulation (running average, aggregation), and debit/credit relationships.

  • Usage Reporting - keep track of usage product performance, analyze performance by product or cash flow over time.

Payment Collection

  • Invoice-Native-Checkout - allow customers to make instant payments straight from the invoice.

  • Auto-Charge - automatically charge customers according to their selected plan.

  • Automatic Reconciliation - automatically match incoming payments with outstanding invoices.

  • No Extra Fees - manage data and payment activities from your payment provider account.

Revenue Recognition

  • Contract-Native - define each B2B contract its own revenue recognition logic.

  • Built for ASC 606 and IFRS 15 - configure and automate revenue recognition for ASC-606 and IFRS 15 compliance.

  • Contract Financial Hub - track cash flow, revenue recognition, invoices, usage and more.

  • Company Revenue Recognition - manage company level metrics: revenue recognized, deferred revenue, cash collection, and more.

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