Set Up Enterprise Contracts

Step 1: Create Products and Define Pricing

Navigate to the Pricing Tab to create products and define their pricing models. Use ready-made templates or start from scratch to create your model.

Click 'Use this Pricing' and use our ‘Spreadsheet-in-a-System’ to edit your pricing. Edit line items, change prices and ranges, connect usage products, define billing logic and more. Once you're done, click on 'Publish' to save the product and add it to your products catalog.

Step 2: Create a Customer

Navigate to the Customers tab and click on 'New Customer' to create a customer in the system. Fill in the details and click 'Save' to add the customer to your customers list.

Step 3: Create a Contract

Navigate to the 'Customers Tab' and click on 'Create a Contract'. Click on 'Search' to add the relevant customer to the contract. To add products to the contract, either select an existing product from the product catalog, or create a new one from scratch. You can add multiple products with varying pricing models to the same contract.

Now it's time to edit and customize the contract. Set Billing & Revenue Recognition logic, and use the ‘Spreadsheet-in-a-System’ to customize the pricing for each product. Edit line items, change prices and ranges, connect usage products, and more.

Finally, select the payment method (you can add multiple payment methods per product), and add taxes and discounts where relevant.

Once you finish editing the contract, click on 'Publish Contract' to activate it.

Use the 'Overview Tab' to get an overview of your contract. View your cash inflows, revenue recognition schedule, and more.

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