Set Up Subscriptions

Create products, define pricing & build subscription plans to embed in your website.

Step 1: Create Products and Define Pricing

Navigate to the Pricing Tab to create products and define their pricing models. Use ready-made templates or start from scratch to create your model.

Click 'Use this Pricing' and use our ‘Spreadsheet-in-a-System’ to edit your pricing. Edit line items, change prices and ranges, connect usage products, define billing logic and more. Once you're done, click on 'Publish' to save the product and add it to your products catalog.

Step 2: Create a Subscription

Navigate to Pricing > Subscriptions to create your subscription plans. You can add multiple products with varying pricing models to each plan. Once you're done, click on 'Update Subscription'. Once you update a subscription plan, the platform automatically generates an embeddable URL for your website. This URL must be embedded in the specific plan's CTA, to ensure accurate billing.

Step 3: Embed Subscription URLs into Your Website

Now that you have a specific URL for each plan, you can embed the appropriate link in the right call-to-action button on your website. Once customers sign up for a subscription, they will be directed to a specific checkout page where they will enter their payment information. The information collected will be used to automatically charge customers based on their specific plan and billing logic.

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