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Is Received the right fit for my company?

Received is the perfect fit for modern B2B Software companies managing complex billing processes and looking to (a) automate the billing process to reduce time and errors; (b) gain scalability and stay agile in the market as they grow and add new pricing models and revenue streams; and (c) gain visibility and a single source of truth for financial data.

Can Received support my pricing model?

Received offers a comprehensive solution that supports all pricing models, including subscriptions, usage-based pricing, and hybrid pricing. The platform comes with pre-built templates for the most common pricing models in each pricing category and also offers the option to create custom pricing from scratch. All pricing models can be fully customized at any stage and for any purpose.

What revenue streams are supported?

Received is the only billing platform that supports all B2B revenue streams: self-serve subscriptions, sales-led contracts, and referral and reseller partners.

Can Received integrate with existing business software and workflows?

Received has built-in integrations with your CRM, ERP, Accounting, Payments, and Tax Compliance software, ensuring that all contract-to-cash data is consolidated into a single source of truth.

Can my usage data be connected to Received?

Received's usage API enables full usage tracking automation with a single line of code. In addition, usage can be uploaded manually or in bulk using CSV files of any format.

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