Key Features

Automate billing for self-serve customers from sign-up-to-cash. Set up in minutes, no engineering required.

Integrate Received with your website to offer self-serve customers a smooth onboarding experience.

  • Custom Plans - use custom plans for a seamless sign-up experience.

  • Checkout Link - provide customers with a Stripe checkout link to enter their credit card information for all future charges.

  • Easy Set-Up - copy and paste Received's URL into your website for an easy, coding-free set-up.

Hybrid Pricing Plans

Make self-serve more than a subscription. Connect Received to your website to offer unlimited pricing complexity at scale.

  • Automate Self-Serve Complex Pricing - offer subscription-based, usage-based, and hybrid plans on your website to maximize ACV.

  • Self-Serve for Any Billing Cycle - bill self-serve customers with any billing cycle you see fit - monthly, yearly, quarterly, per-usage, and more.

Payment Collection

Automatically charge and send payment confirmations to active subscription customers.

  • Auto-Charge - automatically charge customers according to their selected plan.

  • Automatic Reconciliation - automatically match auto-charged payments with outstanding balances.

  • Automatic Revenue Recognition - define revenue recognition per subscription plan to automatically recognize revenue.

Error Handling

Automatically detect and resolve payment errors.

  • Error detection - automatically detect payment errors and flag them for easy tracking.

  • Re-Charge - automatically re-charge customers following a failed payment.

  • Automatic Error Handling - automatically send customers with failed payments a new checkout link to update their card information.

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